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Benefits Modern Alarm System



The Benefits of Having a Monitored Alarm System

alarm monitoringA monitored alarm has a distinct advantage over an alarm that simply activates sounders and a flashing light at the premises.

The advantage of a monitored alarm is that trained operators, secure and remote from the premises, in a 24-hour monitoring control room, take action when your alarm is triggered.

Unfortunately, we hear local alarms sounding but often they go ignored by passers-by, unless you are lucky enough to have an attentive neighbour, who is at home at the time of your system activating, there is nobody coming to the rescue.

But if it is a monitored alarm, the 24-hour control room operators follow up immediately, with calls to the premises, key-holders, and Garda, as appropriate, and ensure that the intrusion is responded to, before they stand down.

Fire alarms and Carbon Monoxide signals may also be monitored and relayed to the Fire Service as appropriate, for added peace of mind.

Essential for Safeguarding your Valuables

We all have valuables in our homes and we want to keep them!

Whether they be items of jewelry, home entertainment, some currency, passports or other documents, mobiles, and laptops or items of personal or sentimental value – we do not want to make it easy for thieves to enter our homes and take them from us.

Burglary and worse, home invasion, is to be avoided if at all possible – there has been an increase in the number of incidents where criminals enter the home while it is occupied and demand with threats of personal injury, that items including car keys are handed over.

In these awful circumstances, a monitored alarm is essential, so that an intruder or panic button alarm signal is monitored, responded to and followed up to protect your property and family.

Fire protection of the property, valuables, and individuals is another potential benefit of a monitored home security system. Learn more about how to safeguard your valuables at home

It will Lower your home Insurance Premium

Old_Laptop_Used_for_Home_Security_MonitoringMany insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners with certified alarm systems installed by PSA licensed installers.

Often, the maximum discounts are available for monitored alarm systems.

In other cases, a substantial claim may result in the insurer insisting on a monitored alarm anyway.

It can prove best to have a monitored alarm, for burglary, personal attack, and fire, to avail of maximum discounts available and protect your property and family to the maximum in the first place.

You get 24 Hour Surveillance 365 Days a Year

A monitored alarm never sleeps, the intruder detection when set, is active while you sleep or leave the premises to go to work, shopping, out for the evening or on holiday.

The panic button and fire alarms, where fitted, are under surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The technology in use these days enables alarm and panic button signals to be sent by various forms of communication, unlike in times gone by when an alarm signal could be stopped by a faulty or sabotaged telephone line.

GSM, IP, and Radio maximise the potential for 24-hour surveillance, 365 days a year.

Enables Response to Potential Break-Ins or Crimes Instantly

When it comes to crime prevention there are many factors to consider and time is one of the key factors.

Minimising the time a criminal(s) has at his disposal is critical.

Brazen intruders have been known to spend considerable time in homes and premises stealing and causing damage.

A local alarm ignored or silenced offers the criminal a window of opportunity which is not available if it is monitored and actioned by professional control staff.

A monitored alarm or panic button signal receive instant attention as the automated systems in the control room display the signal to the operators and continues to prompt them until the event is closed off.

Prevent Intruders from Targeting your Home

To deter burglars targeting your home there are basic steps to follow including closing and locking all doors and windows, leaving a light on when going out and making sure to set the alarm system, which should be monitored for maximum effect.

Taking things a step further may include using automatic timers to switch lights on and off while you’re out, fitting additional high-security locks to doors and windows, replacing any vulnerable doors and windows with robust units, fitting external motion activated lighting and having a neighbour or friend open and close curtains when you’re away.

Installing a valuables safe/fire-proof cabinet is another step to thwart thieves as is installing a CCTV system.

Every situation is different to some extent so a security audit to address your requirements is a good idea.

What are the Best Alarms Systems Available in Dublin & Ireland?

The best alarm systems available in Dublin and Ireland  are those which comply with EN Standards and are certified as such, installed by a reputable alarm company with a sound track record in the business and fully trained and vetted staff.

There are various manufacturers of security system equipment, some claim to be better than others, but an experienced and reputable installation company will almost always use the most reliable equipment on the market.

EN Standards require alarm systems to be maintained to high standards and the installation company should have a fully staffed 24-hour emergency service department and provide a reference from satisfied Customers in verification of their installation and reliable maintenance services.

Wired alarm systems are still available but Wire-Free systems are quickly over-taking the market with their appeal of no mess, no fuss installation, no wires around the premises or home, exact identification of each detector in the alarm memory and simplicity of expansion and relocation.

Wired system equipment is less expensive but there are big savings on labour with Wire-Free, so it usually balances out, giving Wire-Free the advantage.

The system should be designed to suit the Customer’s needs and budget and an experienced and reputable installation company will ensure that this is done.

At the same time, it’s entirely possible to start with a good basic system and the right installation company and build from there.